Friday, January 18, 2013

New Horizons

I never thought I'd be writing this post. I always thought, no matter what sort of job I have, makeup will always be a part of my life.  Especially Panhandle bridal makeup!  I think the time has come to close up shop for a while. There's a new and very exciting business on the horizon called Ceremony Design Company. Seems like an odd leap---makeup to design and decor. But, really, if you know me, or follow my Facebook's not a big leap at all.

In May 2010, I had to rethink Two Fishes. It's so hard to be responsible for another person's creative  work.  In the end, I was responsible for the job someone else does on your wedding day, and over time, it took it's toll on me.  Two Fishes became just One Fish. Me.

After the transition, I started a little online boutique called Chez Renee. I so love this little store. We're going through a major brand and website overhaul right now.  I've never owned and managed a shop by myself, so as you can imagine, there have been lots of growing pains. Yet, throughout---this is crazy, but throughout all my trials and tribulations, it's the customers that I connect with that make it worth my while. You know how Oprah talks about your lightbulb moment, and when you find your passion, you'll find a job. My passion, I figured out, is connecting with customers. It is to provide a service or product people want, just like I wanted, and discovering a common bond. I like meeting people and hearing their stories.  That's why I like people sitting in my makeup chair--I get to know them on a different level, and there's always a small lesson to take away from each experience. Good stuff.

On the other hand, I'm not one to sit tight. I love my little online store, and I love doing makeup. But, there was this business idea nagging at me. There's a need in our area (Pensacola to Panama City Beach, FL) for a packaged wedding company that offers modern and fun ceremony set-ups, with as many bells and whistles as you want, for a bride on a limited budget.

Getting married in the Panhandle in 2013? Come visit us at  I would so love to know that you saw this post and decided to stop by for a visit.  Here are a few pretty pictures from the new site.

Aren't they so pretty?

P.S.  I won't be taking any more clients in 2013 for makeup other than the ones I already have on my schedule. If you need referrals for hair or makeup, please send me an email or inquiry request. I'll send my list right over!

P.S.S. Amazing photos above from Ashley Livingston Photography.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brooke and the nude lip

It made me cringe just a little. I am just going to come out and say it. I was a tiny bit nervous about this very nude lip color on Brooke. I definitely know natural makeup---it's requested the most from my clients. But this was a new, less is more level.

Brooke is gorgeous anyway...which really helped! I think she looked stunning and I know for sure she felt like herself on her wedding day. This just proves minimal makeup, if that's your style, can still show up on film as a "finished" and beautiful face.

Brooke had a fancy photographer named Becker. After seeing this photo, I bet she's glad she chose him! So gorgeous, isn't it?

See the rest of his blog post here.

How are you guys feeling about this nude look? I love nude. I'll be curious how many clients this upcoming wedding season mention this post and want a nude lip like Brooke's. One thing is for sure, I won't be quite as nervous for you, if you do! haha!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Natalie + Wade, Celia's film clip, and a fab antique door entrance!

I wasn't paying attention very well when I saw the images of this wedding because I didn't realize the wedding party walked through two antique doors out in the middle of the Watercolor Lawn! I guess you had to see it in the video for it to make sense. Oh, and I did Natalie and her mom's makeup. (Although you probably already knew that part.)

And click here for Part II.

But to see the doors below in action, take a look at this video:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Color means nothing if the skin's not right- period.

Soon, you'll be seeing posts all over the blogosphere about Beauty Boot Camp for Brides, Bridal Beauty To-Do Lists, Bride's Skincare Overhaul.

As a makeup artist I am here to tell you color--that's color on the eyes, cheeks & lips--means nothing...hear me--nothing, if the skin's not right. When skin is overly dry (from lack of moisture deep down due to your body or lack of moisture on the top layers due to your environment), it can look red and irritated (uhem..because it is). When skin has erupted in break-out, it not only has a high color issue, it has a texture issue, too!

Maybe I'll do a skincare post about what's going on deep beneath the surface, but right now, I want to give you some tools to battle textured skin that lacks a moisture and a glow.

Morning Cleanser: PanOxyl-4 (4% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Creamy Wash)
This creamy cleanser comes in a flip-cap plastic tube perfect for the shower caddy. Your dermatologist can give you a prescription, but I have read that it's now available without one. Use this every morning or every other morning. In just a few short weeks, you'll notice a difference in your skin. First, you'll noticed a slightly smaller pore size which is probably due to breaking down the excess sebum and keratin being harbored right below the surface of the skin, in what is commonly known as a blackhead or open comedo. Second, you may have tiny breakouts around the crease of your nose or near your ear. Finally, you'll notice a clarity and smoothness about your skin that your previous cleansers just didn't deliver.

Exfoliator: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
Did any of you get this in your Birchbox last month? It's ultra fantastic, if you didn't. An exfoliator that delivers great results without grainy beads. (Want a science lesson? The video on the bottom right is so interesting--Dermalogica educates.) Some of you might still prefer a scrub, and I get it. Try Bliss Pore Perfecting Face Wash.

Serum: Peter Thomas Roth Un-wrinkle and Firm-X
This is Powerful stuff! Try whatever you can afford. The results are visible within weeks. I especially love the Un-wrinkle eye cream. I have to admit every night that I use it (and Only a tiny bit so it lasts and lasts!), I take a moment to press the creamy peanut butter-like white lotion between my index fingers. It's so butter. Mmmm...

Lastly, you might need a little moisture. Hands down, the best brand to deliver moisture is Bobbi Brown. I'm just going to say it...the worst brand to deliver moisture is Clinique. It is. I know---same owner, same research facilities--Clinique just doesn't deliver in my humble opinion. They have other great, great products though. You'll have a smorgasbord of options at Bobbi. Here are a few I love, starting with Face Oil. (I just heard a cheer from lots of fellow makeup artists!!)

Face Oil *Use this over nasty breakouts, and watch the disappearing act. Serious.
Brightening Moisture Cream
Overnight Cream
Hydrating Intense Night Cream
Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm

There you have it. Nothing really complicated. Just products that work. Use whatever makeup remover/cleanser you have in your vanity at night. Or, try a Cleansing Oil. Shu and Bobbi make great ones.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January is turning out to be a Really Good Month!

Becca's an amazing girl, and so was her vendor list. Shew. You'll want to go buy this issue of Southern Living Weddings Magazine A) to see her vendor list (or just hire Christina) and B) it's so full of gorgeous images and real weddings. Seriously...I see a lot of wedding mags and this one is worth your money.

One more {beautiful} take on Becca's wedding, courtesy of Diva Productions:

A Seaside Wedding Film - Coming Soon: Becca + Matt from Diva Productions on Vimeo.

So, if you've read my blog know I'm embracing quality, not quantity. Here's another reason why January has been so good to me.

Erika (my bridal client) doesn't know that she was just what I needed last Saturday (and an omen for the year ahead, I feel), along with her mom and bridesmaids, and a little banter from Rick. I've never cried laughing so hard about a certain spanx situation or about someone's eyeglass Rx. Let's just say there would have been 3 blind mice in the room, if it weren't for *powerful* eyeglasses and contact lenses. What a lovely group, and I'm so thankful they were mine.

To making lots of gorgeous brides in 2012, Cheers friends.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Much needed updated favorite Vendor's List

You know, the things on your to-do list that keep getting pushed to the bottom, further and further down, till they number like 187 and they used to be #3.

Updating the Vendor's List is just that task for me. Some of the vendors had moved on to other things and I needed to move them off my list.

I did add Videographers. If any of you know me, you know I love Celia over at the newly re-branded Momentus Films and her twin look-alike, but not really related, Joanna at Diva.

Let's see...I added Brian at Myrtie Blue (a new arrival in the past few years that has really made his mark on weddings in the Panhandle), Kent's Special Events, Elegant Tents, Dine by Design, Rolland's Beauty Bar, Weddings at Gulf Place (the fantastic new venue headed up by Christina at Fete Events), and several more!

Stop by the Favorites Page for a closer look.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Natalie + Wade in Southern Weddings Mag

For vendors, it's always fun to go through wedding magazines and see whose work was featured, who really outdid themselves, who created a great ad, etc. I like seeing when the vendors down here in the FL Panhandle make it into the real wedding features. I know there are other great markets, for sure, but I am a huge fan of the wedding industry businesses in these parts.

I saw a few familiar faces in the latest issue of Southern Weddings. There were two ads I did makeup for--one was Carillon (love Avis & Victoria!) and one for Gulf Place. Gulf Place is a fantastic new venue on 30-A with a huge green and easy access to the beach side. The fantastic Christina Gillon of Fete Events is the wedding planner for the venue.

And finally, Natalie + Wade's wedding at Watercolor. Natalie and her mom were so fun to work with, but it wasn't hard work, you know. ;) Tec Petaja of Tec Petaja Weddings was the photographer. The girls at SW Mag provided a very comprehensive vendor list.

If there's one thing I know about Southern Weddings, it's... pick up this mag at your local Target, or here. You may think you know what's inside since you follow their blog daily, but you don't. Yep, they'll surprise ya every time!

Two Very Exciting Posts!

Don't you always get good news in bundles? Today, I got the sweetest email from one of my sweetest clients, Louise. This was a fun crowd, with a sense of humor and lots of love for their friend about to tie the knot!

Louise may be a classic, traditionally styled bride (with a side of preppy), but she's also got a little sass. Check out her modeling the pocket in this gown. Clearly, JP is being schooled on the stylish features.

PBR. Good times.

Check out the two part series over on Dede Edward Photography's Blog. Dede's post also includes a vendor list for easy reference.

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