Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January is turning out to be a Really Good Month!

Becca's an amazing girl, and so was her vendor list. Shew. You'll want to go buy this issue of Southern Living Weddings Magazine A) to see her vendor list (or just hire Christina) and B) it's so full of gorgeous images and real weddings. Seriously...I see a lot of wedding mags and this one is worth your money.

One more {beautiful} take on Becca's wedding, courtesy of Diva Productions:

A Seaside Wedding Film - Coming Soon: Becca + Matt from Diva Productions on Vimeo.

So, if you've read my blog know I'm embracing quality, not quantity. Here's another reason why January has been so good to me.

Erika (my bridal client) doesn't know that she was just what I needed last Saturday (and an omen for the year ahead, I feel), along with her mom and bridesmaids, and a little banter from Rick. I've never cried laughing so hard about a certain spanx situation or about someone's eyeglass Rx. Let's just say there would have been 3 blind mice in the room, if it weren't for *powerful* eyeglasses and contact lenses. What a lovely group, and I'm so thankful they were mine.

To making lots of gorgeous brides in 2012, Cheers friends.

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