Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's been a year(ish) since I made a life-changing decision regarding Two Fishes.

Have you ever made a decision you knew would give you freedom and improve the quality of your work-life, but at the same time make you miss all the things you used to complain about? It's ok, I realize that sounds completely irrational. I'm of sound, mind and body, promise. It's just that my concept and business grew way too fast, and left me wearing all the hats necessary to get through the day.

There comes a point in a creative person's life, where the craft loses out to the daily business tasks, leaving said business person to regret doing the craft in the first place. That's when you have re-evaluate, re-calculate and re-wind to start over.

A year later, I know I am in the right place and doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Previously, we had 4 teams of hair & makeup girls (including me) who traveled almost every Saturday of every month. That's a lot of brides, moms and bridesmaids. I remember every Saturday, finishing makeup at a wedding, and on the drive home, I would check in with Connie to make sure all the artists were at their assignments. Then I'd call the girls to check on how everything went at each of their events. I had notepads on my passenger seat in an attempt to capture all of my random thoughts and to-do list additions. With so many moving parts (and people), you have to stay on top of the details. I remember going all day without stopping --drive & talk, makeup, drive, more makeup, return calls, and on and on. I remember being so thirsty by the time I sat down in my car at the end of the day, I'd guzzle a Dasani Water Bottle in seconds--hot. (isn't that gross?)

During a random conversation, a very wise friend of mine in the wedding business explained what life was like when you revise your business plan to be meaningful and focused on what you do best instead of trying to be "Large & In-Charge."

So, in May of last year, I wrote to all the girls that I was moving forward in a new direction. Two Fishes was going to just be Renee Armour. That's all. A one woman show now. I secretly hoped that with this change, my Friday nights would morph into a calm, relaxing time at home instead of me worrying that everything would go ok for the 5 weddings the following Saturday morning.

The bottom line was that I wanted a more meaningful connection with my clients. I didn't want to be so busy and distracted that the day didn't mean anything to me other than my appointment time to show up and work.

Earlier this year, there was a moment when it all sort of came together--when I was thankful I had slowed down enough to enjoy my work and the people around me. Gwyne of GwyneMark Photography caught it on film.

Looking forward to a fantastic Fall Wedding Season with lots of these hugs ahead.

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  1. Hey Renee!!!
    I just got caught up on your blog (its been a little while!) ..and I thought to myself...I hope I gave her a hug like that- because if I didn't I really want to now! We're just getting all the pictures from Cook Images of our big day and I couldn't be happier with everyone's makeup!!! You did such a fantastic job!!! Thank you so so much!!! I hope we can keep in touch more in the future!!! :) Perryn White McLeod


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