Thursday, December 16, 2010

Watercolor Weddings

We're always thankful to have a Watercolor Wedding on the books. As a vendor, I could fill your ears with lots of reasons why this is a great place to get married (vendor list is A+++, Cheryl rocks, customer service is AL-ways great, the boat house alone, and there's just good energy), but in this case...the pictures do it justice!

Rae & Wes of Rae Leytham Photography shot Kara's wedding. I'm only including a few pictures of the bride and groom--there are so many more great shots over on their blog. They also include a full vendor list.

I couldn't resist...

I love this shot of Kara's mom, and Kara's short dress wardrobe change for the reception.

Here are a few pics from Kelly's wedding. You can see more of the venue, flowers, etc. in the video by Joanna Banks-Morgan at Diva Productions and of course, Amanda Suanne's blog post.

A Watercolor Wedding... Coming Soon: Kelley + Matthew from Diva Productions on Vimeo.

Ok, last one (for now). Paige will always go down in history as the bride whose false individual lashes blew off her eyes just as her photog, Ryan from Pure 7 Studios, showed up to start shooting. Oh yeah.

My workday persona has been described in the past as calm, soft voice (ie, monotone and could possibly put you to sleep), chilled out, handle what's thrown your way--but not at Paige's wedding. No. We decided that since it was such a gorgeous day, Ashley and I would work out on the screened-in porch overlooking the Watercolor downtown area. It was so nice outside---and the fresh air was just what everyone needed. However. (Long Pause.) Later in the day, as I was finishing up Paige and somewhat concerned about time, the wind kicked up. I don't lie when I say as soon as I laid down her tiny individual lashes, they would blow off. The whole scenario had me wound up--mainly because the glue is black, if it hits the skin, it has to dry before you peel it off or else there's a huge mess, then there's a spot where it takes off the color I've already applied, then you have to cover the spot, re-apply the lash, hope it didn't fall in anyone's drink, and all the while I feel like the photog needs her to get in her dress. So, then Ryan says to me in his 'teacher-dad' voice, "calm down, it's fine." Shew. I calmed down, we finished and as you can see, she's a stunning bride with plenty of lashes.

And one more that just makes my heart sing.

P.S. Not all of the fabulous vendors are listed in this post, but they are on some of the photographers blogs. Watercolor provides a well-edited vendor list for their brides.

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