Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dede's new blog and lots of our brides!

Like a lot of wedding pros, I caught my breath from the 2010 Spring Wedding Season in July and am now back in work mode. On my to-do list was to scour each and every photographer's blog for pics of our bridal clients--and let's just say, I put it off a bit. Big, overwhelming tasks like that make me reach for a glass of wine verses the laptop. Eek.

This time, I wanted to start off on a happy note, someone who always makes me smile--and that's Dede at Dede Edwards Photography! Totally surprised---Dede has this really cute new blog filled with her latest work. There were lots of new weddings, but I think Dede has cornered the market on Senior portraits! Those girls & guys are so lucky--no more looking out fake windows or leaning against a big, prickly oak tree!

Here are a few of our brides featured on Dede's new blog:


I have to say I loved Beth and her mom, Anne, from the start! They were real, down-to-earth and fun. Anddd...she chose my most Favorite location in all of 30-A. It's 38 S. Charles Street in Alys Beach. Hands down, the best. Beth had her reception at 38 S. Charles, and the couple stayed there for the Honeymoon. Smart cookie, that Beth.


Sarah had a huge party over at the Embassy Suites in Destin. Really fun girls with a super cute flower girl! Sarah's skin was this beautiful Porcelain tone--loved it!


Songkhla's family was fairly large and we ended up being there quite some time finishing up hair and makeup. Songkhla's details were so fun, and different--lolly pops, a short wedding dress, purple shoes and a bouncy jump castle!

This was my favorite find of the day. I think this is a somewhat calm rendition of Dede at work, maybe because there's music playing and you can't hear Dede cutting up. Nonetheless, it's so worth posting!

Behind the scenes with Dede Edwards Photography from Dede Edwards Photography on Vimeo.

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