Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Like a deflated balloon

I won't lie, when I opened my sample box this month for Birchbox, I felt like a deflated balloon. I wanted fun, shiny stuff, not lotion, a tiny gloss and some breath mints. Humph. I left it on the kitchen table.

Later in the week, I threw the lotion and mints in my center console with disregard, and the gloss on my shelf.

I haven't circled back to the lip gloss or other items yet, but I have to tell you... I ration out that lotion now, and I LoVe my new mints. A) They're tea mints for fitness, ok? ok. B) I don't like super minty mints, so these are perfect for me. You can taste just enough green tea and mint, sort of like a Zen tea from Starbucks in a mint form.

There you have it. I promised an unbiased review. It passes with a B. I'm not sure what would have given it an A+. Maybe next month...

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