Wednesday, September 23, 2009

With a Big Voice Comes Big Hair!

Recently, Emily and I were hired to do hair and makeup for Nashville recording artist and Pensacola native, Will Hedgecock who was giving a benefit concert for WSRE, the PBS station for the Gulf Coast. Proceeds of the concert went to fund their service efforts in our area. Will invited Hanan Taraby-- to sing a duet with him, and while Emily and I couldn't understand parts of the song (it was in Italian), they still managed to knock our socks off. We had chill bumps at the rehearsal and live show. It was that good!

At the end of the night, we fixed Hanan up--yes, she had a meet and greet with musician folks, but she also had a little date night with her husband! So, we did gorgeous slate grey smokey eyes with nude pink lips, and Emily did her hair like Angelina Jolie. The next day this was on twitter... - look cwazy!! That was so fun! Well, with a big voice, comes big hair, right?

What a great event! Thanks Will and Hanan!!

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