Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bonjour! Salut! Bienvenue!

Welcome to our little gathering spot. We're so glad you stopped by. Let me introduce everyone...first, there's Connie--Calendar Wrangler, Booking Assistant and she's my mom. And then we have Emily, Christina, Robin, and me, Renee - a bunch of gals in search of the perfect bridal hair and makeup products like Monty Python searched for the Holy Grail.

This hunt has had its crazy moments, for sure--and started long before Two Fishes existed. We've had green hair accidents during our college days, peels that rival Samantha's debacle in the hilarious SATC episode, and lipstick that made us look like death. Hey, when you're dying to try the newest, hottest, latest--who has time for questions?

Fortunately, we've lived to tell about it; we've tested everything on ourselves so that we could bring you professional advice on the best, tried and true products and tips we could find.

This space was designed for all brides. So, whether you're our bridal client or not, come sit down, pour yourself a refreshment (you know that's southern for toddie) and let's chat.

Here's a sampling of what we plan to bring you in upcoming posts:

*Tried and True Product Lists
*Video Tutorials on Makeup Application, Hair Styling, Skincare & Massage
*101 Series for the DIY-ers out there
*Interviews with stellar makeup artists
*Categories chock full of hair & makeup photos
*The "Quit Worrying, And Ask Us Column!"

Anything in particular you ladies looking for advice on? Leave a comment, and we'll track down the answer to share with everyone!

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  1. Hi everyone!! We are very excited to be here!! I can not wait to start answering questions and finding ways to make your big day absolutely perfect!!! Xoxox
    ~Robin :)

  2. Hello everyone! I am so excited to be involved with all of the glamor, excitement, love, and most of all...HAIR, that comes with your big day! I am more than happy to answer any questions you have for your event! Happy planning! Emily


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